Factory eggs or eggs from home?

Wonder why eggs are being recalled? This video shows the inhumane conditions of egg-laying hens at a factory farm.

Now compare it to the lucky hens that are being raised as pets. The hens are happy and the eggs are healthier and absolutely better tasting.

Children love chickens,

Ruffled Feathers

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Major Cities Allow Hens.

Laws pertaining to keeping chickens
The following is a short list of laws regarding the keeping of chickens.
As you will see, there are some GLARING differences between many cities and their suburban counterparts.
Los Angeles, CA.  Number of chickens you can keep is unlimited.  Chickens may not be within 20 feet of owner’s residence, and must be at least 35 feet from any other dwelling.
Washington D.C.  Section 902 of the Animal Control Code requires hens to be 50 ft. from any residence.  Citizens are currently working to eliminate the 50 ft. rule, and to modify the requirement that you have to get written consent from all your neighbors before you keep chickens.  Currently, chickens are neither legal nor expressly illegal in D.C
New York City, NY.  Chickens are considered pets under the Health Code. Unlimited number of hens allowed; no roosters or other types of poultry.  Code mentions cleanliness of chicken area must be kept clean.
Chicago, IL. Can have unlimited number of chickens if use is only for pets or eggs; cannot have if use is to slaughter. Must be penned.
Baltimore City, MD.  Up to four chickens can be kept (no roosters) as long as they are confined  to a moveable pen that is kept 25 feet away from all residences.
Baltimore City, MD.  You can have up to for hens, no roosters, must have a permit
Las Vegas, NV.  Roosters not allowed.  Hens allowed if kept in a coop, but must notify Animal Control first.  Chickens can’t be kept in a basement, house or cellar.
Carpentersville, IL. Chickens not allowed
Batavia, IL. Chickens not allowed
As you can see, the 3 biggest cities in this country find NO PROBLEM with people keeping chickens for pets,eggs, etc.
Yet many or the suburbs surrounding these cities do have a problem. The explainations or reasons don’t hold water!
In our area (the Fox Valley Region of Illinois) most communities have some sort of ordinance prohibiting chickens, and our county
(Kane) has a 1 acre rule with a very large portion being rural.
It’s time to change these silly laws keeping people from some sort of self sufficiency.
Eggfully yours,
Mr. Clucker
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Hen Abuse!


This video is shocking be warned! Not for the squimish.

There’s many reasons to raise your own hens and to enjoy their superior taste. Large factory egg laying farms don’t treat their hens nearly as well as people who have them as pets.

Some of you say, go to the grocery store and buy eggs, why raise them?

Why? We believe in superior egg flavor, while giving that chicken a comfortable and happy life. Don’t they deserve at least humane treatment for the food they produce for us?

Happy hens and great eggs,

Ruffled Feathers

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Build Your Own Hen House.


I have checked out over 100 videos to see if I could fine the most comprehensive, in depth instructions for building your own hen house. This video will give you a step by step with visuals of dimensions for each and every cut. If you know how to read a tape measure, use a circular saw and have simple hand tools, you can build this.

Construction made simple,

Ruffled Feathers

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Urban Hen Houses.

 You just got to check out these very cute homes for your hens, they’re gorgeous. 

Check out the other links on the screen. Very informational videos on all aspects of raising and caring for your hens.

over-easy please,

Ruffled Feathers


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Hens are hot in the city.

Who says raising Hens is disgusting?


We know what your thinking, mmmmmm.

Yes, eggs can be sexy.

Out of breath,

Ruffled Feathers

Added note: The city of Chicago lets their residents raise chickens.

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Three Little Hens In Our Garden.

Thank you Tryzon for the beautiful pictures of your Hens. The background music was pretty good too.

Many thanks,

Ruffled Feathers

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